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Derivatives trading made easy

Trade derivatives with low fees, unlimited liquidity and unrivalled speed. All from the comfort of the Solana blockchain.

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Punk NFTs


Gain exposure to all of the most popular cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, commodities and more with infinite liquidity, zero slippage and no risk of front-running.

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Put your capital to work and earn a variety of different types of yield by providing collateral to the FABRIC ecosystem.

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Low fees

Gone are the days of expensive transactions. Solana’s low transaction fees allow access to the Fabric ecosystem for all


Powered by Solana, trade synthetic assets at blazing speed with Fabric’s lightning-fast architecture

Reliable and fair

Price feeds are powered by Pyth, Chainlink and Switchboard. Combining oracle networks, Solana’s high throughput and Fabric’s high-quality program design ensures your funds are safe from front-running attacks


Fabric is built and iterated on with feedback from our community, ensuring a frictionless and accessible experience for every individual

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